Bossier Remodeling has stood the test of time. Our business has called Bossier City our home for more than 85 years. In 1936 we started off as a roofing company but later evolved into a remodeling company as customers wanted rotten exterior repair while replacing roofs. This transpired into customers inviting Bossier Remodeling into their homes for bathroom and kitchen remodels, leading to a shift in our company as mostly remodeling. In the 1980s, the stock market crash led our company to become more innovative in order to stay afloat. Our company began purchasing and renovating commercial spaces as investments; however, we never gave up our roots of remodeling. One thing that sets us apart from other companies is our in-house crew including a master plumber. Our lead carpenters have been with us for over 40 years and 20 years. We are a fourth-generation company. Not many people can say they work for the same company their great-grandfather started. We take pride in continuing the legacy for our family and continuing to make your remodeling dreams come true.


We understand that each one of our customers has unique needs for their project. Call our office for any questions you have or to receive a free estimate.